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UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Bolingbrook's Bariatric Care Empowers Transformation

A Doctor Smiles as He Reflects on a Job Well Done.

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Antwuan M. Donley, 37, found himself at a crossroads after the unexpected passing of his mother in July 2022. Motivated to honor his mother's memory and inspired by a newfound determination to invest in his body, mind and spirit, Antwuan embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation through bariatric surgery, guided by the care at UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Bolingbrook.

Weighing nearly 330 pounds, Antwuan met with the bariatric care team for a consultation to discuss his options. With a team of bariatric surgeons and staff dedicated to helping individuals achieve and sustain their healthiest weight, the hospital’s accredited bariatric program offers a range of bariatric surgery and weight-loss procedures, including:

  • Duodenal switch: A procedure that reduces stomach size and minimizes the absorption of fats and proteins
  • Gastric bypass: Reduces stomach size and reroutes food to increase energy expenditure and influence digestive hormones
  • Gastric sleeve: Tailored for individuals with lower body mass index (BMI), this procedure reduces stomach size and promotes weight loss
  • Intragastric balloon: An FDA-approved non-surgical option that limits food intake, fostering a healthy weight over time
  • Lap-Band® surgery: An adjustable gastric band that aids weight loss by reducing stomach size and controlling food intake

"Weight loss goes beyond simple dietary choices and exercise routines. It requires a comprehensive understanding of an individual's unique circumstances and needs," said director of bariatrics, Susan Matthew, DNP, FPA-APRN, FNP-BC. “For many, weight loss remains a persistent struggle, marked by the frustrations of diets and cycles of weight gain. Deciding to undergo bariatric surgery is a significant step towards a healthier life. Our patients’ journeys begin with a conversation. Together, we dive into health history, explore options, and empower them to make informed decisions that align with their lifestyle.”

Under the care of bariatric surgeon Dr. Vafa Shayani, Antwuan underwent gastric sleeve surgery in September 2022. The procedure marked a pivotal point in his journey, setting the stage for a comprehensive lifestyle change. Antwuan says his quality of life and overall health have had a substantial improvement since his surgery. He described the surgery as not only physically transformative but also mentally stimulating. His vitals and cholesterol levels have shifted to more ideal ranges. He fully embraced a vegan lifestyle after surgery, and has noticed increased stamina and agility, enabling him to engage in physical activities with newfound enthusiasm.

“It was a journey of self-discovery and self-worth,” said Antwuan. “We never know what life may throw at us in any moment, but there is always the opportunity to improve. I encourage everyone to seize the opportunity to transform without fear or hesitation, as life's second chances are invaluable.”

Now weighing in at 190 pounds, Antwuan eagerly looks forward to maintaining his new physical form.

“Our team is proud to have played a role in Antwuan's transformation journey,” said Matthew. "His commitment to embrace a new and healthier lifestyle stands as a testament to the commitment he made to honor his mother.”

UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Bolingbrook’s Bariatric Surgery Center was recently re-accredited as a comprehensive center for the third time since 2014 by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program, a joint Quality Program of the American College of Surgeons and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. To learn more about UChicago Medicine AdventHealth’s Bariatric Program, call 630-312-5000 or visit

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